Coding & Craft Projects with Alice and the micro:bit

We've written a project book for the micro:bit inspired by the classic story of a little girl named Alice. Her journey in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, provide a perfect backdrop to learn coding and craft skills through project-based learning.

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Bonus Projects Booklet

We've created a FREE Bonus Projects booklet with 3 additional projects that don't feature in the main book, to give you a flavour of micro:bit in Wonderland.

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micro:bit in Wonderland

Come down the rabbit hole with us and make a modern version of the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, program the Lobster Quadrille dance, create an anger monitor to keep track of the Queen of Heart’s temperament and lots more.The upcoming book from Tech Age Kids, micro:bit in Wonderland, guides makers through a series of projects inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The 12 projects in the book use the micro:bit mini computer to create interactive projects that combine electronics with craft and block-based coding.

The projects are suitable for beginners aged 8-12 (with adult supervision) and provide an accessible introduction that will help families get the most from a micro:bit mini computer. The book is also suitable for older beginners who are perhaps a little cautious of working with technology or have so far been more interested in craft and design than tech. Yes, that includes adults too!

Beginners will learn how to use many of the features of the micro:bit and develop skills to go on and invent crazy or sensible projects that tie in with their own interests.

Tracy Gardner has a PhD in Computer Science and Elbrie de Kock has an Interior Design degree. They both love making with craft and tech and are advocates for the STEAM and Maker movements which aim to develop skills relevant to today’s kids, Tech Age Kids.

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