micro:bit in Wonderland

Coding & Craft with the BBC micro:bit

micro:bit in Wonderland is a project book for the BBC micro:bit inspired by the classic story of a little girl named Alice. (Read the story behind why we wrote it.) Her journey in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, provide a perfect backdrop to learn coding and craft skills through project-based learning.

“Why,” said the Dodo, “the best way to explain it is to do it.” Come down the rabbit hole and modernise the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, program the Lobster Quadrille dance, create an anger monitor for the Queen of Hearts and lots more!

Create 12 interactive projects, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and learn how to program the BBC micro:bit mini computer using block-based coding. Gradually build modern skills as you learn about wearables, electronic games, e-textiles, electronics circuits, digital music, animation and much more.

The projects are suitable for beginners aged 9 and over (including teens and adults). Younger children will require adult assistance, whereas older learners can work more independently using the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with colour illustrations and photographs. Additional instructions, templates and bonus content are available to make things easy for parents and teachers.

The hands-on projects use simple, inexpensive electronics and everyday household and craft materials. The book provides a playful introduction for families new to coding, electronics and the BBC micro:bit. As you make each project you will develop important creative and computational thinking skills to enable you to imagine, design and create your own projects.

About the Authors

Tracy Gardner has a PhD in Computer Science and Elbrie de Kock has an Interior Design degree. They both love making with craft and tech and are advocates for the STEAM and Maker movements which aim to develop skills relevant to modern children. They hope micro:bit in Wonderland offers a springboard to develop modern skills, understand the digital world around you and explore technology and electronics in a creative way.

About Tech Age Kids

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Where can I buy the book

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The digital copy of the book is available for purchase direct from our website. If you tick the box, to receive future updates in the checkout, we'll email you an updated copy when new editions are published*.

The print book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Wordery.
*First edition published January 2018. Second edition, updated with New MakeCode editor screenshots, published February 2019.

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Templates for Projects

All printable paper/card templates, 3D printing files and templates for craft and laser cutters are available to download. (3d printing and craft cutter templates coming soon!)

Tools and Materials for Projects

You'll need the following resources and components to complete the projects:

  • a micro:bit with a long USB cable and battery pack (starter kits available) or loan a micro:bit from your local library;
  • a computer to program the micro:bit (desktop/laptop/Chromebook/Raspberry Pi/mobile device);
  • the makecode.microbit.org editor which is free to use and runs in a web browser (no download or installation required);
  • electronics components (kits are available);
  • craft materials (many of which you will already have at home or school - detailed list coming soon); and
  • a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (available as a free download).

Kits for the Book

We have collaborated with a number of companies to create a specific kit with electronic components for the book. Find a kit in your country below.

United Kingdom

Basic Kit from Cool Components or Amazon UK

United States & Canada


Australia, New Zealand & Other


Bonus Projects Booklet

The Bonus Projects are three stand-alone projects for the BBC micro:bit providing a flavour of the style and approach for the projects in the book micro:bit in Wonderland. The booklet includes the templates for the projects. They are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. Please attribute Tech Age Kids if you share the projects.

A Workshop Pack available to purchase for £8. The pack contains additional content to run the Bonus Projects as a workshop in a school, library, makerspace or coding club.  (3D printing content included!)

Click below to download the FREE digital bonus projects and find out more about running your own micro:bit in Wonderland workshop.

Reviews and Feedback

"As a Mum with a limited computer background, I often feel left behind by my children's computer knowledge. This book provides a brilliant way of engaging with my child to be creative and learn new coding skills together. Using the story of Alice in Wonderland as the context, along with the clear instructions, makes the projects easy to follow and enjoyable to make. If I can do this, anyone can!"
Anne Wan, teacher, children’s book author and mother of three

"I really enjoyed the activities - my favourite was the croquet." Bethany (aged 11)

“Tech Age Kids have created an engaging, inspiring and visually beautiful activity book that is an absolute asset for classrooms and families alike. Teaching and playing with children in ways that incorporate technology and develop their coding skills will bring them a lot of fun now and better prepare them for the world of tomorrow.”
Jane Moody, Drift Education IT Services

"When I first heard about the micro:bit I was fairly underwhelmed and wondered how much you could really do with 25 red LEDs and a few inputs. How wrong I was! I absolutely love the creativity of this book. Tracy and Elbrie have brought together a unique combination of skills to develop these incredible projects that most of us couldn't even dream of. I would have loved a book like this at the age of 10 or 11 (or even older!) and although the projects will appeal to both boys and girls I think this book could be a significant tool for engaging this generation of young girls with computing."

Sian January, software engineer and mother of two

"The Alice theme works well, and the integration of crafting is a great way to elevate even the simplest projects into something quite special."
Sean McManus, author of 'Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps'

“When we were presented with the draft of this book it was a delight to explore. It is coherent, concise and comprehensive. It takes the readers on a learning journey but in a way that is full of fun activities, set in the context of a timeless story that is known and loved around the world.”
Gareth James, Chief of Education and Strategy, Micro:bit Education Foundation

"Lewis Carroll, aka Charles Dodgson, was an inventive genius who has caught the imagination of generations of children all over the world in his Alice’s Adventures books. In their ‘micro:bit in Wonderland’ book, Tracy Gardner and Elbrie de Kock draw on that tradition and bring it graphically into the digital era. They skillfully appeal to young learners’ imaginations and creativity, while giving them the digital tools they need to take control. The chapters skilfully blend together practical craftwork using familiar materials with the pervasive 21st Century electronic tools on which we are increasingly reliant. The clear and simple style of the text demystifies the processes involved and places them firmly in the grasp of primary school children. Anyone, young or old, who has completed the projects in this book will be very well placed to create their own inventions. I thoroughly recommend this book, and I also look very much look forward to reading more from these talented authors."
Prof. Adrian Oldknow, Founder of the Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education

Press & Media

Please contact Elbrie at Tech Age Kids for more information about micro:bit in Wonderland. Download a press release here and sample pages from the book here. High res images are available.

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