Monday, 24 April 2017

UK Blog Awards Digital and Technology Winner

Tech Age Kids wins UK Blog Awards

Wow. Tech Age Kids won the Digital and Technology individual category at the UK Blog Awards. I headed to London for the awards evening and met some lovely people.

Image Credit: Thanks to @MrsHumanities for taking this photo and sharing it. (We also had a lovely chat about education and the role of technology and data.)

Tech Age Kids wins UK Blog Awards - Certificate and Trophy
Around two years ago Elbrie and I came up with a plan to develop Tech Age Kids into a blog where parents, families and educators could find out how to help their children and teens develop tech skills. (The individual category does permit two contributing bloggers.)

We've been working hard ever since and winning such an amazing award is a very meaningful piece of validation for us. We know we've still got lots to do.

We're based around Southampton/Winchester in the UK though we write for an international audience. It was lovely to see our Code Angel Kickstarter review as the post that got grabbed for the ceremony (they're based in Scotland.) We do love the opportunity to highlight UK-based kid tech when we get the chance (and there's plenty of it.)

Congrats to Gaming Debugged and Mr P's ICT Blog who were Highly Commended in the category - both sites where I could spend a lot of time!

There was loads of cool stuff outside the tech category too. It was great to see the English Heritage blog and the World Wildlife Fund UK Blog picking up awards. We're members of both organisations and love what they do. (No we don't spend all our time doing tech stuff! You'd probably be surprised.)

Thanks to Gemma Newton for organising the awards and bringing the community together and to the category Mat Sears from EE (the sponsors of the category) and Olly Mann.

I rather liked that the evening featured some awesome use of coloured lights.

There's a fab light feature at the entrance to the venue, the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge:

And coloured cube seating provided a place to chill out after the excitement of the ceremony:

We don't need much of an excuse to create a project using pretty lights but it's always good to get more inspiration.

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