Alice Bonus Projects

The Bonus Projects are three stand-alone projects for the BBC micro:bit based on the book micro:bit in Wonderland. The booklet includes the templates for the projects. They are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. Please attribute Tech Age Kids if you share the projects.

The projects are suitable for beginners to coding and the BBC micro:bit and provide an excellent introduction to coding using the MakeCode block editor. Each project includes a craft activity to help develop useful making skills and creative thinking.

What you will need

You'll need a micro:bit, USB cable and battery pack for each project.

You will also need the following materials to do the craft part:
  • Project 1:  2 loom bands, black card, scissors/craft knife with cutting mat, double-sided tape/glue
  • Project 2: blank playing card, 2 loom bands, red card
  • Project 3: 2 loom bands, packaging card, 2 crocodile clip leads, kitchen foil, conductive key, electronic key (optional)
The last page of the booklet is the template for Project 1 and 2. Print on card/paper to make the craft.

The Book

micro:bit in Wonderland is the first book in a series of project books for the BBC micro:bit. It's available as an eBook and print book. To find out more go to

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