Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Learnometer is an interesting device looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The idea is that environmental conditions affect learning so we should monitor them and make improvements. 

Ooh look what Tinybop have gone and done now. Tinybop make fantastic apps for creative and techie kids. Today they have released Infinite Arcade which allows kids to customize retro-style games to make their own creations. Think level-editor rather than coding, Infinite Arcade is aimed at 6-8 year old's.

My Minecraft Cakes and Treats were a real hit at a recent fundraising event for Code Club at my kids' school. If you want to impress your Minecraft obsessed kids and their friends, we would highly recommend making these for a birthday party or fundraising event at school.

We've included an easy recipe for the Minecraft cake and Rice Krispie Treats.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

IBM with its cognitive technology, Watson, and Sesame Street, with their expertise in early years education, partner to develop new learning platforms for preschoolers. They believe children learn best when their education journey is personal. Leaning on over 45 years of experience and research of Sesame Workshop, and the potential for Watson to absorb correlate and learn from large sets of unstructured data, the 3-year collaboration hopes to transform the way 0 - 5 year olds learn.

The IBM / Sesame Workshop are exploring a range of interactive platforms and interfaces for use at home and in schools. They plan to test and share prototypes with leaders in the education and tech communities.

"C" is for Cognitive Learning.

During the school break, we created a simple craft and electronics project to make with our kids. I love the idea of adding electronics to a craft activity. We had fun drawing pictures and learned about the polarity of electricity.

These simple circuit canvas creatures are quick and easy to make and you only need a few inexpensive resources. My original idea was soon modified and improved by our 7 year olds. Read on to learn how we made it.

Microduino's mCookie are buildable, stackable, smart Arduino-compatible microcontrollers for tinkerers of all ages. mCookie uses a variety of connectors, including magnetic, LEGO compatible, spring pin, and m2 screws, allowing a multitude of ways to connect your electronic hardware to your design. Because it's compatible with Arduino, you can make stuff and programme them using the Arduino IDE platform. The Advanced Kit comes with a lot of sensors and accessories, really making it a kit for any aspiring maker or inventor.

Other Electronic Inventor Kits

Tesla vs Edison is a strategy board game which was previously successfully funded. Now there's a Kickstarter campaign for a Tesla vs Edison Powering Up! Expansion. Tesla vs Edison is recommended for age 14+ and is a great way to get teens interested in the history of invention. It's great to see more focus on female inventors in the expansion pack.

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