Thursday, 8 December 2016

My 10 year old has had fun coding pixel art with Kano's online editor. Kids love pixel art and coding pixel art designs is a great way to get them thinking hard while having fun.

It's Hour of Code week so we've been trying out some of the activities at home, there's lots there to encourage kids who already code to try something new. One of the activities is Kano's Pixel Hack which teaches kids to code cool pixel art by typing code into a friendly and helpful online editor.

My kids have also been completing Elbrie's Pixel Art Advent calendar. They love creating the designs in Minecraft, but after trying Pixel Hack my 10 year old and I had a go at coding one of the designs.

The 3Doodler Start is a 3D pen specifically designed for kids. Not all 3D pens are suitable of young kids to use, due to an exposed heating element and danger of hot filament. 3Doodler are not new to the 3D pen market however 3Doodler Start is new and designed for young creators and makers.

We've been waiting to get our hands on a 3D pen which we can confidently recommend for families with children and we think we've found it!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Pokemon has seen a bit of a revival this year with the new mobile app game - Pokemon Go released in the summer and the 20th anniversary celebrations. My kids have been Pokemon fans for quite some time, and happy there are some cool new toys, merchandise and games this year.

Fans are particularly excited about the new 3DS games, Sun and Moon. It will be especially popular among teens, who used to (or still do) watch and play Pokemon. (Well, my teen has added these games to his Christmas wish list!)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Toyji is a new gameboard and smart toy system that allows kids to play with physical toys that control what happens on screen in an app. The first applications for Toyji target young children from age 3+.

Beasts of Balance is an interesting new connected game that combines physical pieces and a game app. The idea is that as you balance pieces on an electronic plinth, you evolve a world of strange creatures which you must also keep in balance.

Beasts of Balance started off as a Kickstarter project which Elbrie backed. She's giving it as a family tech Christmas present so we offered to write a review of it so that her family get to have a surprise during the holidays (it's a hard life!)

Monday, 5 December 2016

The Hour of Code 2016 runs from Monday December 5th to Sunday 11th December. The event aims to get lots of kids (and teachers) to try an hour of coding through a variety of fun activities for different age groups and abilities. Your children may get to do an hour of code and come home wanting to do more (yay!) or they may not get the chance. Either way you can join in with the Hour of Code at Home.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Computer images are made up of many, many, many tiny points of colour, known as pixels. Pixels can render as squares, dots or lines, but pixels on computer screens are usually square. Nowadays, you hardly notice the pixels in images with such high resolutions.

It's lots of fun making art using pixels. Many products like Bloxels, Simbrix and Minecraft allow you to design in pixels / blocks. We like producing art work with pixels at Tech Age Kids because it feels techie and requires lots of creative and logical thinking skills!

Inspired by computer pixels and we've tried out some arty ways to make pixel art as a screen-less activity.