Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tech Age Stocking Fillers for Big Kids

Just like the stocking filler ideas for Teens and Tweens last week, we've put together some ideas to fill those Christmas stockings for big kids. We included some mini robots, items from popular online games, goodies for maker kids and pocket games.


Hexbug Glow in the Dark

We only recently got a Hexbug Nano in a set. I've already bought one each of these glow-in-the-dark versions for my kids' Christmas stockings. I love the glow-in-the-dark feature for the dark winter months. The little robotic bugs use the physics of vibration to move about in their environment. They are perfectly fun on their own, but you can also get sets in which you can guide their movement through a maze. Because of their random behaviour they are a lot of fun to watch and try predict in which direction they will scurry next. If you're kids is an aquatic lover, Hexbug also have a range of aquatic sharks and fish which actually swim in water.


The OiDroids are a favourite at Tech Age Kids, having used them to make a homemade advent calendar and also in as party bag fillers for a robot party. These little cut-out cardboard robot character make a great stocking filler for any kid. They come in a pack of 12 robots and there is at least one rare robot is each pack. MY kids have had hours of fun building and playing with their OiDroids. They are hoping for some more to add to their collection (There are 96 to collect in total).

Online Games

Lego Minecraft Minifigures

Minecraft fans are sure to like a Lego Minifigure based on the popular game. There are a number of characters to collect including a zombie, creeper, skeleton and Steve (the main boy character of the game).

World of Warriors Blind Box

World of Warriors is a popular game for iOS and Andriod phones and tablets, set in a mythical Wildlands. Warriors from history battle their enemies to survive. The endearing little characters are created by Mind Candy and since this year you can collect the little figure. This blind box includes two surprise characters and will definitely make a great stocking filler for a kid that likes the game.


MakeDo Cup Critters

MakeDo allows you to get creative with cardboard using their specially designed plastic screws and connectors (See our Den Building post about MakeDo). They have a variety of kits available and we think these little cup critters are fantastic for kids that love making. Each set come with simple instructions and enough pieces to make two critters and are reuseable to make many more creative inventions.

Pixel Pops Animals

My 7 year old loves mosaic art and these look like a 3D version of those. In fact my kids are going through a bit of a phase of being obsessed with pixel art. The pixel pops pack includes 2 plastic cubes, one for the head and one for the body which you cover using the instructions with sticky foam cubes. Some people have said they are fiddly, but we'd say it would depend on your child. My son's fine motor skills are brilliant and this would be a perfect item for his stocking.

Lego Mixels Series 6 - Forx from Weldo Tribe

The Lego Mixel range are brilliant. They are perfectly priced as stocking fillers, rewards for a star chart or gifts for party packs. Each year Lego brings out new series, and this Forx creature from the Weldos tribe is part of the latest series 6 range. It is fantastic that you can build one Lego Mixel with another to create a new creature. Forx is a demolisher and features a combover, chain and rotating jaw and movable joints. Put the three industrial Weldos together to make Max, a super demolition wrecking ball. Extend your Mixel fun online with games, apps and upload your own creations to the Mixel gallery.

Pocket Games

Pocket Whack-a-Mile

Whack-a-Mole game on a keyring, small enough (7.5cm x 4cm) to be carried around in your pocket and keep kids' fingers busy. We're grateful for the two modes (sound on / sound off). Basically you just need to press the button that lights up. Get it wrong 6 times and the game will end, get it right and you can proceed to up to step 4 with each getting faster and faster. It requires 2 x AAA batteries and a screwdriver to change them.

Smart Games IQ Link Puzzle

At Tech Age Kids we believe games that develop problem solving skills are essential for the future. Smart Games have a wide range of pocket size puzzles that are brilliant for keeping kids busy. The IQ Link brain teaser is a single player game and help to develop memory and spatial perception skills. It's compact and small enough to fit in your pocket. There is a challenge booklet taking you through 5 levels ranging from Starter to Wizard.

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