Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tech Age Stocking Fillers for Techie & Maker Kids

We've put together some ideas to fill those Christmas stockings for tech-loving kids. Our picks are (mostly) under $20 and include mini robots, items from popular online games, goodies for maker kids and pocket games and products that promote STEM and coding skills.

  1. Cube-Tastic

    Cube-Tastic is puzzle cube, by Pai Technology, which you can scan and solve using augmented reality with the free Cube-Tastic app. Although the cube doesn't look like a traditional Rubik's Cube, it is solved using the same principles.

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  2. OiDroids

    The OiDroids are a favourite at Tech Age Kids, having used them to make a homemade advent calendar and also in as party bag fillers for a robot party. These little cut-out cardboard robot character make a great stocking filler for any kid. They come in a pack of 12 robots and there is at least one rare robot is each pack. MY kids have had hours of fun building and playing with their OiDroids. They are hoping for some more to add to their collection (There are 96 to collect in total).
  3. Minecraft Papercraft

    A small set of Minecraft papercraft will keep kids engaged for hours and can later be expanded with additional sets. Ideal for kids that love Minecraft and need to have a screenless activity.

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  4. LEGO Minifigure Blind Bag

    A LEGO mini figure is a great idea for kids that love LEGO. Blind bags add to the surprise element in a Christmas stocking. There's a lot of different choices, but we've selected the Ninjago set as the characters use cool tech and the Ninjago movie was recently released!
  5. Origami Paper

    Origami is a fantastic maker skill to encourage kids to learn. There's lots of thinking and precise working involved as well as developing spatial awareness. Youtube is filled with instruction videos on how to fold origami from the very simple to super complex designs. Orgami papers is a perfect gift to promote screenless activities that are fun and engaging.
  6. Cross Stitch Kits

    The Alex cross-stitch kits have a plastic canvas, making it much easier for kids to learn the skill. We like cross-stitch because it's like pixel art and it is an easy way to get started with e-textiles. Once you've mastered some simple sewing skills, you can start adding electronics. How techie!
  7. Math Dice Game

    A small game to help support computational and logical thinking skills is a great stocking filler. The Math Dice Game is small, travels easily as it comes with a storage bag. My son loves this game and we play it often.
  8. 3Doodler Start Doodleblock Kits

    If you already have a 3Doodler Start, then an add-on pack would make a great stocking filler. The Doodleblock kits have templates and 2 packs of plastic. There are a number of different themes to choose from. If you don't have a 3Doodler Start 3D pen, then check out our review. They are fantastic for modern maker kids.
  9. Ocean Pets VR

    Ocean Pets is a craft activity injected with AR technology for digitally minded kids. What you end up with is a virtual aquarium with your own homemade fish swimming around in it. The fish are made using air drying clay, which is fantastic to work with. The kit comes with everything you need to make a number of different fish. We used it with 4 boys and they all made a good number of their own little fish. Read our full review of the Ocean Pets kit.
  10. Augmentify

    The Augmentify It Space Cards are physical cards with images on one side and facts on the other. You scan them with the free app to see an AR image. And there's a simple quiz in the app based on the facts on the cards. Currently only availabe in the UK.

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  11. Lightseekers Trading Card Packs

    Lightseekers is an awesome new mobile and trading card game that launched this year. You can get trading card booster packs to add to your collection and improve your trading card game. You can also use them as power-ups in the mobile game and trade them with friends. If you like Pokemon or similar trading cards, these are a similar thing. Read our full review of the Lightseekers trading card game.
  12. Family-Safe Sugru

    We've been waiting for this product and it's arrived just in time for Christmas - a family-safe mouldable glue. Sugru is great for making things and fixing things and now kids can safely use it too! Read our review of Sugru (not family-safe) and our family-safe Sugru review is coming soon.

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