Thursday, 6 December 2018

Hour of Code 2018 - Free Activities for Coding, Robots & Electronics Kits

The first week of December is Hour of Code, a week long event that hopes to encourage more people (children, teachers, parents, etc.) to try coding.

There are lots of different options, from coding robots, to block-based coding, text-based coding and coding electronics.

There is no lack of choice in themes and ability levels. The Hour of Code content is ever growing and there are new activities added every year.

Check out our listings from previous years:

Below is a list of our top picks from Hour of Code 2018. There are activities for some of our favourite products, like the Kano Harry Potter Wand, micro:bit and Wonder Workshop robots. We're also excited to see some activities to try out the new Scratch 3.0 editor, which is due to release in January 2019.

If you do Hour of Code every year, try something new this year. We like the Dr. Seuss activity, saving Christmas from The Grinch and if you have an Amazon Alexa at home, you may want to try to create your own skill using their Hour of Code activity.

From our Favourite Brands/Organisations

  • KANO - Harry Potter Wand
  • Scratch 3.0 - Try out the new Scratch 3.0 due to be released in January 2019
  • Amazon Alexa - Build an Alexa Skill
  • Bitsbox - Text-based coding
  • BlocksCAD 3D - make a 3d model of a snowflake that you can 3D print
  • - Dance Party is NEW this year
  • CS First - Unusual Discovery built in Scratch 3.0
  • Kodable - Works with an app, new content
  • LEGO - block based coding, navigate bits robot to destination
  • Python - Text-based coding
  • Illuminations Entertainment: The Grinch - Christmas Theme block coding activity
  • Accenture - Introduction into Artificial Intelligence through a game
  • ThinkFun - Coding board game - hour of code simulator of game



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