Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Code a 3D Printed Badge with BlocksCAD

We've been making 3D printed "CODER" badges by coding the badge using BlocksCAD. This makes a great first introduction to modelling for 3D printing for children.

I've been exploring different tools for children to use to create 3D models and I've found that coding works really well.

BlocksCAD is an online tool that allows children to use drag and drop graphical blocks to create 3D objects. You can use it without creating an account which is really useful for trying it out in clubs or schools. (Accounts are useful in the longer term but it's great to be able to get started without having to worry about them.)

This project uses 3D text and the ability to translate the position of objects and union (join) them together into a single object.

It's good for teaching children that a model must create a single solid object in order to print. (Okay I admit it, my first version had the R separate from the CODE when I removed it from the printer ...)

We've used the text "CODER" so you can give them as small rewards for coding.

You can glue a badge pin onto the back of the badge or pop a keyring loop through the letter "C".

Once children have created the example they can change it to their own name or something they like.

Here's the code:

Click Here to download step-by-step instructions that introduce the concepts gradually.

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