Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017 - Talk to Your Kids!

Tuesday February 7th 2017 is Safer Internet Day. It's an international initiative with resources available and events taking place in many different countries and languages. You can check out SID in Your Country to find local resources including websites for the US and UK.

The theme of Safer Internet Day is ''Be the change: Unite for a better internet." Many children will be taking part in activities in school, but it's a useful reminder for parents too.

This video from the UK Safer Internet Centre has a simple message worth sharing:

There are lots of ways you can use technology to help your children manage their time online and to go some way towards protecting them from unsuitable material.

But, it's really important to talk to your children and young adults about their experiences online, to identify and tackle any misconceptions or topics you have forgotten to discuss. The internet changes, children get older, it's important to have regular discussions.

Is it time to have a discussion about your family tech usage rules? Do you children have any concerns or questions? Is there anything you feel you need to know more about to be able to prepare your children? Do you know which social media sites your teens are using?

It's important for children to learn about online safety at school, but at home you can have a much more specific discussion in the context of your family and your child.

As parents and carers Safer Internet Day provides a helpful reminder to make sure that we talk to our children about online safety and work to fill in any gaps in our own knowledge as well as our children's.

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