Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Mogees Play Teaches Rhythm by Stuff

Kids love music and we love this idea of making music with everyday "stuff". Mogees is a sensor, just a little bigger than a bottle cap, which you can attach to virtually anything to create music.

Mogees Play, now on Kickstarter, comes with one sensor and three apps to play, create and learn about music.

The sensor uses the vibrations on an object to create the sounds. Mogees Pro was launched last year for professional musicians and now they're back, bringing their experience to amateur musicians, kids and families like us, and education.

Mogees in the classroom could be an inexpensive way for kids to learn about rhythm, vibration, timbres, velocity and melody using the Mogees Apps. Plus it's another opportunity to use technology in another subject in school, which we think is pretty cool.

Want to know more? Check out their Kickstarter Campaign: Mogees Play

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