Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Simbrix Alternative to Easter Chocolate

Simbrix is a fantastic product to keep kids busy and creative for hours on end. This is certainly my experience, as my boys spend hours designing, making and then playing with their Simbrix creations.

With Easter fast approaching we were looking for a chocolate alternative as a small gift for kids. Simbrix is ideal, and we got to work designing some fun Easter motifs.

Easter alternative to Chocolate

Simbrix really lends itself to lots of creative making. Similar to Hama Beads, you build pixelated designs using plastic beads / bricks. Unlike Hama Beads, you don't need a pegboard, and you don't need to iron them. We made our Easter creations using the Simbrix Creator Kit, which includes 3000 bricks in 17 different colours.

We spent some time thinking about Easter designs and built out some of our ideas. I created an inspiration design sheet, which we are giving away today as a free download. My kids really enjoy playing with Simbrix and they offer hours of therapeutic fun. They often make up stories breaking up and rebuilding with the Simbrix (Now you can't do that with Hama Beads!)

Stop Motion Animation for Easter

Last week the kids were home for school holidays and we explored Stop Motion animation for the first time. My 7 year old wanted to make an animation using the Simbrix. We used our Easter designs to make a little movie about a rolling Easter Egg that gets gobbled up by a rogue Easter bunny.

Stop Motion animation is a patient and long process with kids - we'll write more in future about stop motion and best options for kids. However, stop motion animation is a fun activity, which touches on so many skills for kids to learn. My 5 and 7 year olds thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Easter Inspiration with Simbrix

The Easter Pixel Art Design Sheet is specifically designed, so you can build on top of the design. I found it worked really well with younger kids to test out their build and stay on track with how many bricks are needed to complete the design. It works best, if you print the sheet (standard A4 sheet) and laminate it.

Get our Easter Pixel Art Inspiration Sheet for FREE today.

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