Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Two Dimensional Pixel Art with Simbrix

Simbrix successfully funded their project on Kickstarter last year. Tracy, an early backer of the project, shared her bag of Simbrix with me. I fell in love.

Simbrix are small plastic puzzle-like bricks which lock together to create two dimensional pixel art. They are simple to use and so addictive. Simbrix is now a staple in Tracy and my house, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They live on our kitchen table, and only scooped into a storage container every now and again.

Beads of Fun

Simbrix - next gen fuse beads - no pegboard or iron required

Simbrix are tiny plastic puzzle-shaped bricks that slot together. There are 17 different colours and three different size packs available - Cute Kit (850 bricks); Geek Kit (twice as many bricks); Crafter Kit (3 times as many bricks). You can also get individual colour packs and glow-in-the-dark (our favourites!)

You can slide or click the pieces together and unlike Hama / Perler beads, which you build on a peg board, they don't fall apart when knocked. If you make a mistake, you simply slide out your brick and slide in the right one.

As a mum, with kids that LOVE making pictures with little beads, I can't tell you what a joy Simbrix is. My kids enjoy building with the Simbrix beads, without the frustration of someone else (because it is always someone else's fault) messing up the picture.

I love finding activities, especially in winter, for my kids to enjoy indoors.

Simbrix can be ironed, just like Hama / Perler beads, to make your masterpiece permanent. I see no need for this. In our case, the pictures stay together and my kids even act out stories using their creations as characters.

Not just for Kids

Building with Simbrix is a family activity. You could probably find me still making my piece long after the kids have moved onto something else. They are therapeutic and additive in a good way.

There's a Trick

Once you start building with the Simbrix, you'll soon discover there is a certain trick to make your creations. Now, we'd spoil all your fun if we told you. :)

Simbrix will not only activate your creativity but also logical thinking skills.

Gallery of Creations

We nearly used all 3000 beads to make a world

Self portrait of my 7 year old

Tracy and I, playing and making

Why not upload your own creations on the Simbrix Community Page

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