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Kid Tech Crowdfunded Projects November December 2015

crowdfunding tech for kids nov dec roundup

The crowdfunding theme that comes out this month is definitely encouraging more girls into technology. You'll find wearable, mathematics and science projects that aim to encourage more girls into STEM subjects. We're always cautious about whether girls need different tech toys, but we definitely need tech that appeals to girls.

It's also a good month for construction toys, with a couple of building-brick compatible tech add-ons looking for funding.

Make sure you also check out the October / November edition as some projects are still available to back if you're quick.


Giapetta's Workshop stands out in crowdfunded kid-tech campaigns this month.

It's part digital coding adventure and part jewelry workshop. Giapetta's Workshop is aimed at girls from age 8-12 but my boys were both enthralled by the idea and weren't put off at all by the girl-friendly marketing.

Kids make a special necklace which is then used as an app toy on a tablet to create an interactive experience.

There has clearly been a lot of design effort put into this project. It looks fantastic.

This mix of maker skills and learning to code is right up our street at Tech Age Kids.


  • MeeperBOTs are the second generation of a LEGO-based robot platform that allows kids to build robots using building bricks and then control them from a smart device. 
  • Wiggle-Bots are cheap and simple robot kits that kids can construct and then have fun with while they learn engineering concepts. 

Construction Toys

  • playDXTR are smart magnetic cube building blocks that communicate with a tablet. 
  • The Brick Sound Kit allows kids to add sound to their LEGO projects. It has a gyroscope to trigger sounds for active play.  

    STEM Skills

    • The Solar Powered Airplane Science Kit is a hands-on construction and development kit. 
    • The Little Ms Crate is a subscription service that wants to encourage more girls into science. The regular kit for girls aged 5-10 involves activities that develop science knowledge and introduce role models. 
    • MathKit is a physical resource kit for developing mathematics skills in young children, especially girls. 

    Raspberry Pi

    • TingBot makes Raspberry Pi easier and ... funner. It's a case, touchscreen and buttons which turn the Pi into device that can be used for lots of Pi projects. There's also custom software to make it easier to build projects using TingBot. 


    Board Games 

    • Lunarchitect is strategy board game where you need to design a successful moonbase. There's even a Maker reward level where you'll be able to print and 3D print the game yourself. 


    • EverLights are app-enabled outdoor lights to decorate your home. They can be left up all year round and then controlled from an app to create effects for Christmas, Halloween and other events. Cool. 

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