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Kids Technology Crowdfunding Projects October November 2015

tech age crowdfunding roundup
It has been a fab month for crowdfunded kid tech projects. There are some fantastic new robot campaigns and construction toys are well-represented too.

We have already featured some Kickstarter projects in more detail so take a look at these articles first:

And don't forget to check out last month's Tech for Kids Crowdfunding Roundup, some projects may still be available to back. And some of this month's campaigns are ending soon so be sure to check end dates for those you are interested in.

Construction Toys

Simbrix is a great idea that really needed to happen. They are tiny click together bricks that can be used to build pixel-art creations.

Ironing beads are really popular in our house, but yes we've had some disasters where a carefully made project gets knocked over.

And I'll confess to having melted one of the peg boards with some over-enthusiastic ironing.

Neither of these problems happen with Simbrix as no peg board is needed and the pegs stay together.

Finished Simbrix designs can be ironed together to make them permanent if you want or they can be taken apart and made into something else.

We're definitely looking forward to making some cool projects with Simbrix.

Pinblock is another cool mini construction toy that we like a lot.

Pinblock allows kids to make 2D designs or 3D structures using a single block type that comes in lots of different colours.

Pinblocks have a really simple design but when you put them together you can make some really great models.

We love that you can make role play accessories and other fun wearable items.

My kids often make items like swords and helmets with their building blocks but they have a tendency to fall apart and they're not very comfortable to wear or hold.

  • For larger scale construction there's Belcro - large velcro bungees that you wrap around cardboard boxes to turn them into lifesize construction blocks.
  • And Bildy which allows kids to make structures by clipping together printed boards.  


Tinker Tie is definitely a fun way to get into wearable electronics.

It's a bow-tie shaped array of RGB LEDs that can be programmed to create colourful effects.

Tinker Tie is Arduino-compatible to kids can learn some useful skills while creating their own unique patterns and animations.

The bow-tie uses a rechargeable battery which is mounted behind the tie. Brightness is controllable which is just as well as the LEDs are very bright.

There's no reason you have to wear it as a neck tie. This would make a fun accessory for a purse or bag.

I've got a son who loves electronics and wearing a waistcoat and tie so I can definitely see the appeal.

  • SnowPi is another fun electronics project - a Snowman shaped GPIO add-on for the RaspberryPi for some festive tinkering. 

3D Printing

3D printing is a fantastic technology for children to have access to. If you're looking for a 3D printer for your family then check our these Kickstarter campaigns:


Definitely a fantastic month for crowdfunded robots for kids! Lots to choose from.

Books and Games

Fun ways to introduce STEM concepts to kids:

Physical Play and App Toys

We love it when tech is used to encourage kids to get active and interact with the physical world.


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