Monday, 21 December 2015

A littleBit Christmassy

The kids are finally out of school for the holidays, so we decided to get a littleBit Christmassy with our two littleBits kits at home (Premium & Space Kit). We had a Christmas colouring magazine called Colour-In with papercrafts, so we decided to combined it with the littleBits to bring them to life.

After lots of trial and error and some innovative making we made a Christmas scene with lights, movement and even a song.

littleBits is a range of modular electronics components that can be used to make cool stuff. (Compare with other robotic kits)

littlebits christmas

Project Bits & Pieces

Here's what we used to make the littleBits Christmas scene:
  • Colour-in craft sheets, colouring pens and pencils and many hours of colouring together
  • Foil & plastic container (for the sign), lollisticks and a cork (for Santa) and lots of sticky tape 
I really enjoyed the colouring with the kids. Whilst we coloured we chatted about which littleBits we plan to use and how it may work. We often got distracted to trial our ideas.

And these are the littleBits we used in our scene:
  • Bits from the Space Kit - 2 x power packs, microphone and speaker, extension wires, DC motor, LED
  • Bits from the Premium Kit - 1 x power pack, sound trigger, extension wire, servo, LED wire, pressure sensor
We made the scene in three parts using 3 different power sources.

LED light up sign, LED inside house, servo on Santa's head all connected to one power source 

Sound triggered DC motor makes the angel spin around

Microphone and speaker provided hours of singing fun

After we made the individual parts of our Christmas scene, we put it together and made a video to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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