Monday, 21 September 2015

Project: Minecraft Diamond Sword using littleBits Light Wire

In a household of Minecraft fans, it was inevitable we'd craft a Minecraft sword at some point.  And when Tracy purchased the littleBits Light Wire, we just couldn't resist making a glow in the dark Minecraft Diamond Sword. In this post we'll share how we made our sword and which LittleBits blocks we used.

I did this project with my 4 year old son, which surprised me as he normally doesn't like anything sticky. After creating the template and cutting it out of card, we pulled up an image of the sword on a laptop and he followed the pattern meticulously. He carefully counted the blocks and chose the right colours to stick in the right places. I was really impressed with his attention and effort.  So how did we make it?

Here's a list of the items we used:

  • Cardboard
  • Coloured paper / foam / felt
  • Scissors / Craft Knife
  • White PVA / Craft Glue
  • Long sturdy thing
  • Duck Tape
  • LittleBits from our Premium Kit:  Power
  • LittleBits Light Wire

This is how we made it:

We used an image of the Minecraft Diamond Sword to make a template out of paper.  It was fairly simple making a 1 x 1 square and clicking together to make the shape.  I cut the shape out of packaging card (I used two layers).  We then used the same 1 x 1 block template to cut out the colour squares, making the pixel design of the sword.  We used what we had in the craft cupboard, so a mixture of felt (the black) and foam (blue).  Spreading the cardboard with white PVA glue, my son, copied a picture of the Minecraft sword, colouring it in. Even with the two layers of card the sword was still too floppy, so we duct taped a sturdy plastic rod at the back.

How to make a Minecraft Diamond Sword with LittleBits
Glow-in-the-Dark Minecraft Sword

Our sword was ready, to add the glow-in-the-dark fun.  Using the littleBits Power and Light Wire*, we wrapped the Light Wire around the whole sword.  It naturally curls up, so we didn't need to secure the wire in any way. We secured the battery and Power littleBit at the back of the cardboard sword using some clear tape.

With more time and effort you could make another sword template and attach to the back to conceal the littleBits Power bit.  My son was way too excited to play with the sword.

It looks fantastic lit up in the dark! The red LED from the littleBits power bit make the sword look like it's powered by redstone which was an added bonus.

*littleBits are great to learn the basics about electronics and create moving, buzzing and lighting up creations.  They snap together like magnetic Lego blocks, to allow you any sort of combination.

No time to make a sword?

We made a cardboard sword, however you may prefer to purchase a foam Minecraft diamond sword and add the LittleBits configuration for the glow-in-the-dark effect.

Why not make one for your Minecraft Halloween costume?  Perfect for cool effect whilst walking about in the dark autumn evening.


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