Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tech Age Stocking Fillers for Tweens and Teens

It looks like we are set for the most tech-inspired Holiday season yet. However many of the robots, gadgets and gizmos can be very expensive.

We've searched around the web, to find geeky tech age stocking fillers for your tween or teen that won't break the bank.

Whether your tween or teen loves music, is a Lego fan, enjoys making with electronics, add the wow factor to their Christmas Stocking this year.

  1. Case for Alexa Echo Dot

  2. You can get a variety of different cases for the Echo Dot. Something to personalise or match the decor in their bedroom for their own Echo Dot could make a great stocking filler idea. Make sure you get the case for your edition of dot. This case is for the 2nd generation Echo dot.

  • Lego Tape

    Flexible Lego Tape with reuseable silicone backing tape is a great why to add LEGO decorations to every day objects. The tape will make a fun gift for a teen that loved playing LEGO as a child, and would appreciate adding LEGO to their life again in a fun and quirky way. How about making your own LEGO smartphone case or adding LEGO decorations to a gaming computer?

  • In-ear Headphones

    In my experience, teens go through a lot of headphones. A teen that loves listening to music, would appreciate a fresh pair of in-ear headphones in their Christmas stocking. The Xiaomi in-ear headphones look smart and come from a reputable company making a range of good quality tech products.

  • Cable Clips

    Help teens keep their tech cable tidy in their rooms with these cable ties. This pack contains 6 clips with self-adhesive backing, making it really easy to use. It's really useful to keep your desk tidy and make space.

  • USB Charging Hub

    We actually use this charging hub in our family charging station. It's works well and nice a slim and can charge 6 gadgets at a time. Teens may like to have one in their rooms to charge phones, gadgets and toys like drones and robot kits.

  • USB Powerbank

    Anker make mini Power Bank perfect for topping up a phone or another gadget's power when out and about. this particular power bank is super small and can fit in your pocket. When fully charged, it can provide a full charge for two smartphones. If you don't want your teen to say "my phone ran out of battery", this is a great gift choice!

  • Fix Anything with Sugru

    Sugru is like playdough that can glue everything (well nearly everything) together. The mouldable glue comes in a variety of colours. There's also a family-safe version for younger members of the family. Sugru is great for adding extra strength to cables and fixing game controllers.

  • Basic micro:bit kit

    A cheap electronic device, like the micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero is a great option for a teen stocking. If you're teen is a beginner to the micro:bit, you could also check out our new book 'micro:bit in Wonderland' to help them learning coding and making skills with the mini computer.

  • Conductive Ink Pen/Paint

    Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it conducts electricity! This means that you can paint wires or sensors directly onto almost any material around you, including paper, wood, plastic and glass. A perfect gift for a tween or teen interested in exploring with circuits and design.

  • Screwdriver

    Give teens the tools to fix their own tech. Or get them to take apart old tech to see how it works and explore the electronics. Having the right tools can make the job easier and enjoyable. I know, my teen would love a kit like this in his stocking.

  • Braided Tangle Free USB cable

    Tangle free, braided and extra long micro USB cables can be very useful for coding and electronics projects, as well as charging gadgets, or testing robotics that still need to be attached to the computer for power.

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