Thursday, 4 July 2013

Teksta / Tekno Robot Puppy App and Instructions

Tekno or Teksta is a robot puppy that can be controlled from an app. The app is now available and there's also a video so we can see how it works.

Note that this puppy is an updated version of a toy from over 10 years ago which was known as Tekno in the US and Teksta in the UK. There's a brand new version of this robot dog for 2013 and he's been updated to make use of current technology.

Of course any self-respecting robot dog in 2013 needs an accompanying app! So there's the Tekno / Teksta app for the iPad and for Android devices.

Tekno/Teksta App
Tekno/Teksta App
@ Amazon

: The Tekno / Teksta app is also available on the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire and other Android tablets.

When you use the app to pair the device with the puppy you can control his (or her - there's a pink one too) actions by selecting commands on the screen. You can control his sounds, movements and eye patterns.

When you want to return to Tekno / Teksta's normal interactive mode you just give his or her nose a push.

Tekno / Teksta App: iTunes | Google Play

Buy: Teksta @

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