Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Boy and His Atom

IBM have released the world's smallest movie: A Boy and His Atom. The movie really is made from atoms forming the 'pixels' of the movie. It's well worth sharing this with kids and also the 'making of' video that the IBM team have also put together. They have made it very accessible and understandable for children and a general audience.

First here's the movie itself, a cute little story of a boy who plays with an atom:

Then we get the 'making of' story which explains how the movie was made by moving around actual atoms to make a picture. It also tries to give an idea of how tiny atoms are. 

What I really like about the video is the way they have managed to explain the research that their bit of fun is really part of. They are trying to find ways to dramatically increase the capacity of our storage devices by making transistors really, really small.

This is a problem that will make sense to kids and makes nanotechnology very understandable. 

Definitely worth sharing with any kids you know to encourage an interest in science. I'm keen to make sure my kids have as broad a view as possible about all the kinds of careers that are available in technology.

The video itself is also a call to encourage more kids to take up a career in science.

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