Teknikio make electronics kits and components for children and beginners that combine craft and technology. We love this design-led approach to tinkering with tech.

Teknikio have managed to take a gender inclusive but 'girls first' approach to their kits. We got to chat with Teknikio founder Deren Guler and found that her approach very much fits with our views on tech toys for girls. You don't need boys' tech and girls' tech, you need a broad range of tech that kids with differing interests can choose from. Currently we're lacking tech that has stronger girl-appeal.

Teknikio aims to address the imbalance without making products that exclude boys. You could by a Teknikio kit for a boy or a girl.

In this video Deren explains her motivation for creating the Teknikio range and demonstrates some very cool projects!

The Teknikio range is great for encouraging kids to get hands-on with technology to give them a feel for what it's like to create use electronics in your own project. 

The components are good quality and really well designed to encourage tinkering, enjoying a project and then taking it apart to make something new. 

Teknikio sets make great gifts for hard to buy for tweens and teens and younger children aged 7+ who have an adult who is willing to assist with the more intricate assembly that is sometimes needed. 

Disclaimer: Teknikio kindly sent us some of their products to review. We don't guarantee a review and only feature products that we enjoy.

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