Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Zumi by Robolink Help Kids Learn about AI and Automated Cars

We came across Robolink three years ago when they brought Codrone to life, through a Kickstarter campaign. As a company they are on a mission to help people (and children & teens) understand how modern technology works and make it and code it! Their Codrone project is a great success and used in many schools to teach coding, engineering and drone flying skills. All very useful for a digital future.

Well, in 2019, Robolink has done it again, with a new Kickstarter campaign Zumi! It's an automated car which helps you learn about AI (artificial intelligence) and vehicle automation, just the type of skills our kids will need and use in their future.

Robolink, refers to Zumi as a 'she'. The tiny robotic car is packed with personality displayed on an LCD windscreen. She's a car, but that's the point. Understanding how automation is coded and machines learn will drive innovation forward in this area.

She's packed with sensors and driven by a Raspberry Pi Zero. You can program the self-driving car using a Blockly programming language and python. She also has an Arduino-compatible PCB. More experienced coders can use industry standard tools like TensorFlow and Keras code to make their own self-driving car experiments.

Robolink hopes that by using Zumi you will learn about machine learning, artificial intelligence, mapping and navigation, basic robotics, machine vision, self-driving decision-making and coding.

Robolink's Zumi project has already won an award - CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the Robotics & Drone.

There's still a couple weeks left to support the Zumi project on Kickstarter.

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