Thursday, 14 February 2019

Love micro:bit with the Latest Edition of micro:bit in Wonderland

It seemed appropriate to publish the second edition of our book, micro:bit in Wonderland, on Valentine's Day. After all the book and story is peppered with hearts, admittedly not all are lovely hearts, as you will find out with the Queen of Hearts!

At the beginning of last year, we publish micro:bit in Wonderland. It was our first self-published book.

Six months later, the Micro:bit Education Foundation gave us a heads up that the Microsoft MakeCode editor is getting a huge update. We patiently waited and when the new editor finally went live in late October 2018 we started work to update our book with new screenshots of the code and how to transfer your program from the editor to the micro:bit.

We can finally announce, TODAY, on Valentine's Day 2019, the book is done and making its way to Amazon and other bookstores. You may need to wait a couple weeks for delivery.

micro:bit in Wonderland will be available on Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada

There is also a digital version of the book. You can purchase the eBook from Leanpub or directly on our website. If you can't wait for a printed copy you can pick up the digital one now!
(If you purchased a digital copy before 14 February 2019 you should automatically get the updated version.)

In the past year, we received amazing feedback from readers and keen learners that have tried out the projects (see some tweets below). The book and its projects have been well received by Makerspaces, schools, libraries, and families. Now that it's updated, we're looking forward to tell more people about it.

Click here for a sneak-peak of the introductory chapter from the book. To find out more visit the Alice page. You can also download 3 free projects (not included in the book) that follow a similar format as the book.

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