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Sew and Glow Kit from Tech Will Save Us - Review

The Sew and Glow Kit from Tech Will Save Us introduce children to connecting electronic components using conductive thread to make badges.

My 10-year-old son was really keen to make the projects in this kit (he had to fight off his younger brother though!) It was a popular kit when it arrived.

Disclaimer: Tech Will Save Us sent us the Sew and Glow Kit to review for this post. Our opinion is always our own.

What's in the Box?

The Sew and Glow Kit comes with craft material, templates, components (1 battery pack and 2 white LEDs and 2 blue LEDs), and conductive thread to make a couple of projects. You also get 2 needles in a storage tube, which is a really good idea, as they can easily get lost. The kit says there's a pen too, but we didn't get one. Not a problem as we have plenty of pens at home.

Buy: The Sew and Glow Kit is available from Tech Will Save Us Online Shop and retails at £19.99 UK | $24.99 US. Tech Will Save Us will ship globally.

I think it is important to note at this point that the packaging on this kit can be deceiving in terms of what you can make. The backpack image shows lots of different designs that you could make but the kit only has one battery pack. In reality, your child can only make and wear one badge at a time from this kit.

I would've liked the option to buy more battery packs and LEDs separately, as the kit comes with plenty felt and craft material to make more badges.

Getting Started

The Sew and Glow kit use online instructions and there is a robust tutorial to learn about sewing with conductive thread and LEDs. You need to create a Club Make account to access the instructions (see our review of Light Racer Kit for more info about Club Make.)

It's a good idea to encourage your child to follow the tutorial and learn how to connect the battery pack and LEDs. The tutorial provides instructions to make an Emoji badge using 2 LEDs. They can choose which emoji character they want to make. My son liked the cool dude!

It took my son over an hour to work through the tutorial. At one point I thought he may lose interest but was quite motivated to get the badge finished.

After sewing the glasses on, he wanted to use glue to attach the mouth. We had some glue from another sewing kit which we used.

You have to be careful not to get any threads crossed or touching things they shouldn't. My son was very pleased that after a big effort of sewing the LEDs on, that they worked!

Templates and more badges

It's very likely that once your child has completed the tutorial they need a break from making. My son was less motivated to carry on and make more badges. He wants to come back to the activity to make the pizza badge another day.

Although there is enough felt and templates in the kit to make the pizza badge, he realised that he would have to undo his Emoji badge to make it. Many children will not want to do this!

You could make the pizza badge using two LEDs. As you have only wrapped the conductive thread around the battery pack you can unwrap it and use it for another badge without having to completely undo your Emoji badge. Ideally you just want another battery pack!


The Sew and Glow Kit will make a great gift for children that enjoy craft activities or for those that need encouragement in the craft making department. It is suitable for ages 8+ with some support needed, especially threading needles. My 10-year old was able to make this project completely independently.

We got another sewing kit for kids which contained a needle threader. This tool is REALLY useful to help children thread a needle independently.

Personally, I would like another battery pack in the kit or the option to buy components separately. The alternative is to buy two kits so that you can make the tutorial for the learning experience and then have another battery pack to make the badge you want!

Buy: The Sew and Glow Kit is available from Tech Will Save Us Online Shop and retails at £19.99 UK | $24.99 US. Tech Will Save Us will ship globally.

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