Friday, 2 November 2018

Crayola Splashes out on New Family-Friendly Game for Nintendo Switch - Review

Crayola Scoot is a colourful, fun, family-friendly game made by Outright Games and is available on Switch™, Xbox One™, PlayStation® 4, and Steam®.

Disclaimer: We've had the privilege to try out Crayola Scoot on the Switch for the purpose of this review.

Crayola Scoot is available on different consoles and PC, but we'll share our experience on the Switch™ and its playability for young children and families.

Crayola Scoot is set in a skatepark, where you get to choose a character with a scooter and customise it. Once you've earned some coins you can spend them on further upgrades for your character and scooter.

The aim of the game is to complete a number of events (challenges) to ultimately defeat the Scooter Legends in each of the worlds. There are 3 worlds, Crayola Colour City, Enchanted Forest and Alien Theme Park which each contain loads of different events. My 10-year-old son who helped review the game, liked the Enchanted Forest the most.

Each event has a 3-star difficulty rating, easy, medium and hard. you can work towards getting a gold star in each of the difficulties. The harder events gain you more coins but are obviously more tricky to complete. My son's favourite challenges are the Colour Frenzy and Team Colour Frenzy events.

Getting Started

When you first start the game, you play through a tutorial completing challenges as you go. It's a good way to learn the controls and how to perform the tricks. My 7 year old struggled to get the hang of it, whilst my 10 year old seemed to just get it! There was no hope for me!

Once you finished the tutorial you can get started on the first events. You can select in which world and there are enough events unlocked to give plenty of choices.

You can also continue to practice your skills and scooter tricks in the free skate parks, there are 4 different ones. You will also find the arcade, shop, a trick zone (wind tunnel for practicing tricks) and leaderboard in this area.

If you want to do the tutorial again, you can find it in the skatepark, but once you start it, we couldn't figure out how to exist it without completing all the challenges.

Multiplayer Option

Crayola Scoot allows the family to play together. You can have upto 4 players in a split screen mode. The Switch screen is just about big enough for two players, but you will definitely need to move to a larger screen for more players.

Each player needs two controllers. We have two sets, so my boys could play together. My 10 year old mostly enjoyed playing the game on his own. However I try to encourage multiplayer games as it develops other skills like social skills and competitive or collaborative play. Crayola Scoot is a fun multiplayer game where you can work together or compete to complete events.


The game is for 3+ and we couldn't find anything that wouldn't be suitable for younger players. My youngest found the game controls tricky at first, but practice is helping him master it.

We would recommend it from age 6+ as some of the control combos require a fair bit of physical coordination in order to perform the tricks.


Crayola Scoot is a fun game with good graphics and family-friendly gameplay (no shooting here.) There is variety and plenty of gameplay to keep playing the game for a while. This game would be great for kids who like skating or scootering. The game encourages you to challenge yourself to improve your skills and move up the ranks.

My son like the idea of splatting colour all over the skate park and said he liked the bright colours and friendly gameplay to challange himself to get better. He also thought the skating around in the skateparks was really entertaining and if I let him he could do that for hours.

I'm just not so sure my son would be able to do the same amazing tricks he does in Crayola Scoot in the real world. He gets plenty of opportunity to try nonetheless!

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