Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Osmo Learning System is coming to Amazon Fire Tablets

The Osmo learning system is finally going to be available for Amazon Fire tablets. Previously the award-winning learning system was only available for iOS devices. This move by Osmo will make the Osmo Kits accessible to more children and families.

If you're a regular reader of Tech Age Kids, you'll know we are big fans of the Amazon Fire Tablets. Admittedly there is way more educational content on Apple devices, but that is down to companies choosing not to develop for the Amazon platform. There's some good content, connected toys and coding apps for the Amazon Fire, but we need more.

We're pleased to see Osmo taking the step to bring awesome content and connected toys to the Amazon family.

So what can you expect? Well if you already have Osmo Kits, they will work with the Amazon Fire tablet and you just need to invest in a new Genius Kit for the Amazon Fire.

The Genius Kit is the stand and reflector, the proprietary Reflective AI technology which allows the tablet’s camera to “see” objects in front of it so kids can play beyond the screen by combining physical and digital play.

Osmo stated the learning system will work with Amazon Fire 7, Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 tablets and aimed at children ages 5+.

Osmo Genius Kit and Creative Kit for Fire Tablets are available to preorder starting on Sept. 18, exclusively at

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