Thursday, 13 September 2018

Kano Upgrades it's DIY Computer Kit with a Touchscreen

Hurrah Kano announced an upgrade to their Computer Kit Complete! It now comes with a Touchscreen. We're big fans of the Kano range of products and last year reviewed the Kano Computer Kit Complete (and thought it was missing a touchscreen opportunity).

It's a portable computer with a Raspberry Pi 3 inside and a custom Kano OS which you build yourself. The point is to take the mystery out of the 'big black box' and allow kids (and adults) to look under the hood and see how a computer is put together. The cover is clear so you can always see all the different components.

As most parents will know, kids today are 'experts' on touchscreen devices. My son's most frustrating barrier operating the Kano computer was that it didn't have a touchscreen. OK, yes it provides an opportunity to learn other skills, like typing and mouse operation, but the touchscreen makes it much easier for young children to navigate computers.

Today's announcement from Kano makes the kit much more user-friendly for young kids.

The Computer Kit Touch includes a touch-enabled 10.1” HD touchscreen, as well as a wireless keyboard with trackpad. They have also increased storage capacity at 16GB.

The  Computer Kit Touch, is available from today for $279.99 via and selected retailers and e-tailers.

Check out our review of Kano Computer Kit Complete and imagine it with a touchscreen and you'll have a pretty good idea what Kano Touch is all about!

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