Saturday, 5 May 2018

Personalised Mother's Day Gifts with Zazzle

Tech Age Kids has launched a Zazzle Product and Gifts Shop - just in time for Mother's Day. Zazzle is a platform to design and create your personalised gifts and products.

At Tech Age Kids we think it's really important that children (and adults) develop their making skills and so our Zazzle products play on this ethos. 

Our product line will be expanding but for now, you can purchase a tote bag and mug which you can personalise with pixel art. How Tech Age!

Personalise a tea or coffee mug

To make your personalised two-tone mug, go to our Zazzle shop and buy a mug (or two).
You can select your a colour you like for the inside of the mug (we like orange) and then you can also change the name to Mom, Mum, Mother, Mama or whatever name you use for your mother.

Wait for your delivery!

Design your 8x8 pixel art. You can use piskelapp which is available for free online to help you design it. Alternatively, draw an 8x8 square on graph paper and design the pixel art. Make sure you practice before doing your design on the mug. It helps to copy from a design you already created to eliminate mistakes on your final product. We call this prototyping!

We used porcelain pens to create an apple on our mug. In the US you can also use oil-based sharpie pens. You could try ceramic or glass paint too. We've not yet done all the testing and experimenting, so hopefully, in future, we can update this post with more products that work REALLY well to create the pixel art.

Make sure that whatever you use can be washed and reused.

My kids used the porcelain pens to design mugs for their godparents, and they still look great after lots of dishwasher trips!

The Zazzle Mug seems good quality and we really like the two-tone effect.

Personalised reusable canvas bag

A tote bag is a handy alternative to plastic shopping bags. Making a personalised tote bag is lots of fun and you will have a bag that looks like no other.

We've created 2 different pixel resolutions - an 8x8 grid and 16x16 grid.  Like with the mug, order your bag of choice and when it arrives you can personalise it.

The 16x16 grid will allow you to draw better resolution image but the squares are smaller.

We coloured ours with ordinary sharpies, but you can also use fabric pens or paints.

We hope you enjoy making something special for a digital age mother - Happy Tech Age Mother's Day!

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