Monday, 23 April 2018

Curiscope Virtuali-tee Human Body T-Shirt Review

The Curiscope Virtuali-tee Human Body T-Shirt is a t-shirt for adults and kids that can be used with an app to 'look inside' the wearer using augmented reality and learn about the human body.

We tried out the t-shirts and accompanying app.

Disclosure: We received Curiscope Virtuali-tee products for the purposes of this review. As always, our reviews are our own.

The t-shirts come in a choice of colours and my nine-year-old son really likes the blue colour. It's a t-shirt he would happily wear even without the added features.

The child sizing came up very small. My son is a small nine-year-old and the kids large (age 9-11) fits him perfectly. So you might need to go up a size.

The app worked smoothly, you just might need to adjust the distance to trigger the effects - the documentation says 3 feet but we found that much closer distances worked well.

It's difficult for the wearer to see what's going on because they are wearing the t-shirt and the phone is facing away from them. But you can switch to 'selfie-mode' and turn the camera around so kids can look inside their own body, this is a great feature.

If you have two kids with t-shirts who can take turns looking at each other then that also works. You might want to consider buying a t-shirt as a gift for a parent and then letting the child look-inside.

The app has audio for lots of body parts. We didn't discover this immediately as it takes a while to start playing and the kids had moved on to the next thing before it started. There's lots of detailed information and this is an engaging way to learn. The audio is heavily accented which isn't ideal for kids learning new vocabulary. The audio segments are quite long so kids will need to hold the phone steady for a while, the audio stops if you move away from the t-shirt but continues from where it left off when you return which is useful.

There's a paid version of the app that can be used with the online demo so you can get the experience without a t-shirt if you prefer.

The graphics are realistic which lots of kids will love but a few might find a bit much. The details are quite small on a phone but you can cast the display to a larger screen to get more detail or to share with a larger group. My son also used the app with his iPad to get a bigger view.

There's also the option to explore with a VR headset. This option doesn't work in selfie mode and it might be a challenge to persuade a friend to stand still for a long time unless you've both got t-shirts and headsets. An alternative is to hang the t-shirt up on a coat hanger so a child can explore at their leisure.


The Curiscope Virtuali-Tee is a fun gift for kids and teens (and adults) who are hard to buy for. The quality of the T-shirts is good and the design looks good even if you don't know what it is.

It's a fun t-shirt for kids to wear at a family gathering and show everyone. It's a neat way to get kids engaged with science in a hands-on way.

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