Thursday, 8 February 2018

Elenco Expands Snap Circuits with Bric:Structures, WEmake Kits and SnapCube

Elenco is the maker of Snap Circuits and is expanding the product line with new snap-to-bric components, WEmake kits and an app-enabled product called SnapCube. The products are being unveiled at the New York Toy Fair and we can't wait to see more.

Snap Circuits electronics kits help children to learn about electronics in a very hands-on way. There is something for everyone in the range from a simple illumination circuit kits to Snapino Arduino coding kit.

The Snap Circuits Bric: Structures sound interesting with 20 Snap Circuit component parts, 75 Bric-to-Snap parts and 140 compatible bricks. The kit is aimed at kids aged 8+ and will include lights, sounds, moving parts and scope for inventing their own things. More to follow next week.

The SnapCube also looks interesting. At present it looks like magnetic blocks that will link with an app called SnapCube and walk kids through 100s of projects to learn about electronics and solve real-world problems. More to follow next week.

Elenco is also launching their WEmake range to encourage more children to tinker with electronics. These kits are aimed at older children and introduce them to soldering and designing and making with electronics. More to follow next week.

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