Tuesday, 9 January 2018

TACO Playbits and Robobricks Tangible Coding from Robotix

Indian educational technology company Robotix have announced two ranges of hands-on coding products for kids.

Both TACO Playbits and TACO Robobricks are aimed at preschoolers and little kids aged 3 to 7. There's a definite trend to take coding to younger kids.

Tangible coding allows children to learn the concepts of computer programming using hands-on physical resources. Robotix is using the TACO (TAngible COding) brand for its two new ranges.

TACO Playbits uses physical "chips" that represent commands and a Taco wand  that can read the chips. The chips correspond to musical notes, numbers, letters and shapes.

One of the really interesting features of TACO Playbits is that it supports Braille so it can be used by vision impaired children. There are chips with Braille characters on and there's an option for teaching Braille. We'd love to see more mainstream technology like this.

TACO Robobricks is a LEGO Duplo compatible construction toy that includes light and sound bricks, colour and touch sensor bricks and motor bricks. The bricks can be programmed using physical chips that are scanned with a wand.

Robotix is the maker of the Phiro programmable floor robot so they already have experience in the kids coding products marketplace.

Both TACO Playbits and TACO Robobricks will soon be available to pre-order from robotixedu.com. Both products are due to ship in August/September 2018.

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