Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Funkey: STEM and Maker Electronics Platform

Funkey is a new beginner electronics board looking for crowdfunding. Funkey is a microcontroller platform which can generate keyboard inputs and also allow you to connect electronics components as inputs and outputs. 

Funkey works with the popular Scratch block-based programming environment for children as well as with Python or JavaScript for more experienced coders.

Funkey Simple allows you to connect 18 (yes 18!) objects to keyboard inputs. No more running out of inputs!

Another neat feature is LEGO building brick compatibility - the board has connector holes that are spaced to make the studs on LEGO bricks. 

The big deal about Funkey is the price. The simplest version of the board costs just $9 (you provide your own crocodile clips and USB cable.) This is a lot of really useful functionality at a very attractive price point. 

There's also the Funkey Super which allows you to connect up sensors and inputs and outputs. You can start off using preconfigured behaviour and work your way up to Arduino coding. 

Funkey looks like a great entry level platform for developing STEM and Maker skills. 

Funkey's inventor Stephen Lewis has been in touch to offer us the chance to try out the hardware so we'll write more about Funkey when we've had chance to play.

Checkout Funkey on Kickstarter or on the Funkey website (products already available)

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