Monday, 4 December 2017

Yoto - A Clever Speaker for Little Kids

Yoto is a speaker with little kids in mind. Giving them access to music, audio books and other media without the distraction of a screen. Yoto is running a campaign on Kickstarter, but only has 24 hrs left...hurray if you want to support them!

Yoto is a beautifully designed speaker, that will appeal to children but look good in your home too. It features ambient light and a pixel display for images and text. The speaker is operated by an app for adults and physical cards for kids.

I love this idea to make digital media accessible to young children, without having to use a mobile device or handle CD's. My kids love having music and audio books accessible to them. We have an old-style CD player in their room, with CDs they can load themselves. After a while those CDs get too scratched to be useful.

Yoto looks like a very promising solution for families with young growing children. Yoto also includes content from Roald Dahl - one of our favourite children's book authors.

Unfortunately we only spotted Yoto quite late in their campaign, so get on over to Kickstarter TODAY to find out more.

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