Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tech Gifts for the Family Pet Dog

Ruby is our much-loved family pet and comes to work with Tracy and me twice a week. During our lunchtime walks, we come up with all the ideas we share on the Tech Age Kids blog. Thanks Ruby!

As it's Christmas and there's actually a lot of cool tech products for pet dogs, we thought we'd make a wish list for Ruby and other furry friends for families.

  1. Camera and Treat Machine

    The Furbo dog camera is a pretty neat piece of kit, especially if you need to leave your dog at home alone. It's fitted with a night vision camera with 160 degree view, to keep an eye on your dog during the day and night. You can add treats to the device and release them using the app from your mobile device. It also has a two-way chat, so you can talk to your pet and hear their response.
  2. Petcube Bite (works with Alexa)

    Petcube makes a range a pet tech including a play camera with a laser pointer and a pet treat camera. The Petcube Bite camera looks like something you'd be happy to have in your home with good design, easy to clean and ability to mount on a wall. There's a 2-way camera and you can 'shoot' a treat for your dog from the Pet Care app. It's really neat that you can link Petcube with Alexa and use it with voice commands.
  3. Petnet Smart Pet Feeder (works with Alexa)

    You can't always be around for your pet's meal times, so an automatic pet feeder is a really smart idea. The Petnet feeder works with an accompanying app and links with Nest and Alexa. You can fill the store with dry dog or cat food and the smart feeder will dispense the right amount or food (helping you figure out what is a healthy amount for your pet) at a specified time for your pet's meal time. Unfortunately this won't work for Ruby, as she's on a raw food diet! I use Alexa to remind me to take her food out of the freezer and order some more!
  4. GPS Tracker

    A GPS tracker is a useful piece of tech for your dog, if you do a lot of off-the-lead walks and perhaps whilst training a puppy to recall. The Whistle 3 tracker is an activity tracker and GPS location tool. You can set safe places for your pet, and when it moves out of those areas, you will receive an alert on your mobile device. Currently, GPS location only works within the US borders. The tracker is charged using a USB charger and clips onto your dog's collar.
  5. Safety LED Collar

    Dogs need walking, even on dark winter evenings, so a light up collar is a great idea to keep you and your pet safe and seen on walks. Ruby is a black dog, so even when we take her to our usual park and know it's safe, we can't spot her in the dark. Getting a LED collar that is rechargeable is very useful. The Blazin' LED dog collar also comes in a range of different colours.
  6. PetSafe Smart Pet Door

    The PetSafe pet door is a smart piece of tech, which allows your dog to unlock and freely move in and out of the house by wearing a key on their collar. The key unlocks the pet flap (door) using radio frequency. So when your dog is close to the door it unlocks and when they move away it locks again. You can programme what type of entry and exit you want to allow your pet. It does require cutting a large hole in a door, so make sure you select the right size pet door for your dog.
  7. Pet Vacuum Cleaner

    Keeping on top of pet hair can be a constant task, so it makes perfect sense to get a robot to help out. The iLife robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to suck up pet hair. It is programmable and will take itself to its charger when needed. You may need to empty the vacuum bin more regularly depending on how much hair your dog sheds. Thankfully Ruby doesn't shed much hair, but I definitely think a little help from a robotic vacuum cleaner is a good idea for all the debris and dirt she brings in from the garden and our walks.
  8. Robot Dog

    A robot dog is a cheeky addition, if you want another dog but can't afford or have space for a real one. Ruby loves chasing the robot toys we review at Tech Age Kids. If you're going to play with a robotic dog and a real dog at the same time, don't leave them to their own devices - one may get hurt! WooWee Chip is a great little robotic dog, with a ton of cool features including taking itself off to its charger when it's low on battery. The robot will learn from you to become your pet. It comes with a SmartBall and SmartBand to interact with your pet.

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