Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Pip - Programmable Games Console for Kids

We've been waiting for Pip, the new crowdfunded Raspberry Pi based games console to encourage kids to get involved in digital creation rather than passive consumption.

Pip is a handheld games console from Scotland-based Curious Chip. We met up with Jason and Suhkvir at the BETT educational technology conference in London at the beginning of this year and we've been looking forward to its Kickstarter launch.

Pip has the form-factor of a hand-held games console including a screen and cool removable controllers.

Inside Pip is a Raspberry Pi computer. Actually it's a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 which is designed to be built into products like this.

Pip allows kids to program in Blocky, JavaScript, Lua, Python, PHP and HTML which gives loads of scope for creating cool stuff and learning useful skills.

So many people these days are complaining that kids spend too much time playing video games. Well, Pip helps direct that interest in a useful direction. It's much better to make and share games that you've written rather than always passively playing games.

There's even scope for hooking Pip up to additional electronics so kids can learn about physical computing and create science projects and fun gadgets.

Because Pip has a Raspberry Pi inside you can swap the SD Card for one with Raspbian on it and use it as a regular Pi giving access to even more options.

We know that Curious Chip have worked really hard to design a product that will appeal to modern kids. Best of luck guys. We'll be following along.

Check out Pip on Kickstarter

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