Monday, 20 November 2017

NumRush - Put your Mental Maths to the Test

NumRush is a board game designed to teach and improve mental math addition and subtraction with numbers 1-9. The game is designed in Vietnam by Nhat Le and Tuan Ngo passionate about board games and maths.

NumRush sent us a prototype to try out at home and the kids and I had lots of fun playing and working on our mental maths. The kids are faster than me!

NumRush is all about speed. There's a game board, numbers cards, a dice and 6 tokens (up to six players) and with these you engage in a speedy scrabble-style game with numbers.

One player puts down their chosen number cards and adds and subtracts their numbers to gain their score. The next player has to build on that line either vertically or horizontally. The dice decide which number you have to make on your turn.

At first, we played collaboratively, by helping each other to make the number patterns, which helped to build the confidence of the younger players.

The game lends itself nicely towards collaborative and competitive play. It's fast-paced and quick, so one gameplay takes about 15-20min depending on quick your mental maths is.

It will also make a really fun addition to an early years education setting, where children are learning to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 9.

To find out more and to back this project take a look at the NumRush Kickstarter Project.

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