Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Makeblock Codey Rocky Programmable Robot for Kids

Makeblock have announced a new crowdfunded programmable robot for kids. Codey Rocky is a floor robot with tracks and a detachable controller.

We've really enjoyed Makeblocks STEM products for kids. We started by backing the original mBot robot on Kickstarter and we've recently reviewed Makeblock Neuron.

Codey Rocky is a new product along the lines of Makeblock's Codey robot which targets a more mainstream audience than their DIY maker products. We really like that there's a continuum where kids can start of with a friendly and accessible robot and then move on to more advanced maker products as they progress.

Codey Rocky has a main robot part, Rocky, which is a vehicle with tracks. It also has a head with an LED display that can be used to show facial features. The head, Codey,  is a detachable controller which can also be used as a remote control which is really neat.

Codey and Rocky are packed with sensors and outputs so kids will be able to program lots of interesting behaviours and interactions.

Codey Rocky can be programmed using a variety of options to suit different experience levels. Kids can use mBlock Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding. Lots of children use Scratch at school so this will be a familiar environment.

As children progress they can also code using Python, a text-based language which is popular with beginners but also used in industry. This is a fantastic feature. We've recently been asked about robots that can be programmed with Python and we're compiling a list. Codey Rocky looks like another great choice for the list.

As well as regular coding, Codey Rocky can be used to create artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) projects. These are hot topics and technologies that it's important for children and teens to understand.

Codey Rocky is compatible with LEGO and with Makeblock Neuron programmable electronics blocks. This really expands the possibilities of what you can do.

There will also be Learning Guides to help kids get started with programming Codey Rocky with graphical blocks and with Python.

There are various reward options including some early bird deals.

Check out Codey Rocky on Kickstarter

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