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Coding and Computing Books for Children 8+

Coding is a new literacy which children (and adults) need to learn to be able to engage with the technological world we're living in. Learning to code provides a way for children to express themselves just as learning to read or write does!

There are lots of books available to help children learn coding skills. Children have more time at home to explore coding and parents can support this learning with good books. We've picked our favourite coding and computing books for children 8+. (Some we've had the opportunity to review in more detail.)

  1. Cool Scratch Projects in Easy Steps

    Scratch for more advanced coders. There are tons of books about coding with Scratch and it's best to get one that will spark interest with your child. If you're looking for one that contains more challenging projects, then this book is a good choice. It's packed with clear graphics and explanation and children will learn to code more advanced mazes, art, music and games.

    We've just received this book in the post, so will add our detailed review soon!

    Author: Sean McManus
    Age: 8+
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  2. Cool Coding

    **New for 2017**
    Cool Coding looks like a robust book with lots of information about coding and computing. It covers programming languages, Scratch and Python, and looks at other technology including robots, AI, Internet of Things and more. It's part of the Cool series of books by Pavilion providing fun and accessible introductions to interesting subjects like Cool Science, Cool Art, Cool Architecture, Cool Maths and more.

    Author: Rob Hansen (Author), Damien Weighill (Illustrator)
    Age: 10+
  3. MAKE: Learn Electronics with Arduino: An Illustrated Beginner's Guide to Physical Computing

    **New for 2017**
    You'll learn coding skills whilst learning about physical computing using the Arduino platform. The Arduino programming language is text-based, so we recommend it for children that are competent with the keyboard. The book is written for complete beginners to physical computing and electronics and beautifully illustrated helping you understand concepts more easily and in plain English. This would make a great resource for families wanting to learn a new skill together.

    Author: Jody Culkin (Author), Eric Hagan (Author)
    Age: 10+

  4. How to Code 2.0

    **NEW for 2017**
    This book contains 10 projects to make with Python which is a text-based programming language. It explores using coding skills in different professions, like being an artist, architect, teacher, app developer and more. Tweedale also wrote a series of books 'Kids Get Coding' for younger children. (See the Coding Books for Young Children list.)

    Author: Elizabeth Tweedale
    Age: 8+

  5. Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World

    **New for 2017**
    This book is written for beginners and particularly with girls in mind. The author is also the founder of an organisation Girls Who Code, with a mission to get more girls and minority groups into the tech industry. The book covers a variety of aspects of coding and computing and explores different professions that use coding as a tool. It tries very hard to tackle the problem that some girls may think coding, computing, and robotics are for boys. This book is a how-to book following the fiction series of books Girls Who Code The Friendship Code and Team BFF to provide a inspirational guide on how girls can get coding.

    Author: Reshma Saujani
    Age: 10+
  6. Adventures in Raspberry Pi

    If you're interested in learning to code with the Raspberry Pi, then this 3rd Edition of Adventures in Raspberry Pi is a good place to start. It covers everything about the Raspberry Pi for beginners and offers a wealth of ideas to use the mini computer to program with Scratch, Turtles, Python, Sonic Pi, Raspberry Pi Minecraft as well as digital making projects.
    If you've got a Raspberry Pi sitting in a drawer somewhere, this book is bound to inspire you to do something with it!

    Author: Carrie Anne Philbin
    Age: 11+
  7. Coding in Python

    **New for 2017**
    This is beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read book on coding in Python. Python is a text-based coding language and book will guide you through installing the programming environment and making fun animations, games and apps.

    Author: Craig Steele
    Age: 8+
  8. Coding iPhone Apps for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Swift

    **New for 2017**

    If you've wanted to create an app for your iPad, iPod or iPhone, then Coding iPhone Apps for Kids is a great book to get started. It walks you through an easy to follow tutorial using the Swift programming language to write your very first app. This book is packed with information and would even be suitable for an adult learning to code for the first time.

    Author: Gloria Winquist, Matt McCarthy
    Age: 10+
  9. Coder Academy

    **New for 2017**
    Coder Academy is part of series of books that explores what people in different professions do. The books is ideal for children new to coding and introduces them to a variety of things they can do with coding skills. It's an activity book with offline and online activities for children from 8, but my 6-year old really engaged with it too! We've reviewed this book in more detail here.

    Author: Sean McManus
    Age: 8+
  10. Get Coding!

    If you're child wants to learn how to create website, this is a fantastic book to start learning to code with html, css and javascript. The book was authored by a community of coders from Young Rewired State and would appeal to ages 9+ as it guides you step by step to create your own website. The book engages the reader in a back story as a source of inspiration for creating projects.
    Author: Young Rewired State
    Age: 9+

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