Thursday, 5 October 2017

Active Code and Play Mats with Unruly Splats

Splats are programmable mats developed by Unruly to get kids coding and staying active. We love the relationship between coding and physical objects for kids to learn to code and design how they want things to work. Unruly has launched their campaign on Kickstarter this week.

We hear a lot of parents complain about the time kids spend on screens. With Splats, kids use a screen (mobile device) to programme the Splats and then actively play the game they created. Perfect creative screen time activity! The mats connect to a device via Bluetooth and they are programmed using a blockly programming language. From the campaign it looks like kids would also be able to share their designs and games with others in the community.

There is an option for schools and could be a really interesting programmable device to bring into a classroom setting.

It's great to see more companies develop products to help kids make what they want. Splats provide a platform to express yourself and you use a modern literacy (coding) to great your own game.

We've reviewed a product with a similar concept earlier this year - Hackaball. Here you code games and then play with the interactive ball which lights up and makes sounds. Check out all the games one of Tracy's boys created.

Find out more and support Unruly Splats on Kickstarter.

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