Thursday, 28 September 2017

Bare Conductive launches DIY Lamp Kit on Kickstarter

We love Bare Conductive and their creative approach to learning about and working with electronics. They developed a conductive paint which you use to paint electrical circuits. It provides an immersive and tactile way to learn how circuit wiring works. They've now launched a new kit, Lamp Kit, on Kickstarter which you use to make 3 different lamps.

The lamp kit makes a lovely gift for someone that likes making with tech. You can make 3 different papercraft lamps and introduces to three different inputs - touch, dimmer, and proximity sensor.

The kit comes with everything you need to make the three lamps, including electric paint, cardboard cutouts and the Light Up board. You don't need tools or coding skills to make it!

The lamps are powered using a USB cable, so similar to plugging a lamp into the mains socket.

We've used Bare Conductive's electric paint in different projects and admittedly it's messier to use than say conductive tape. But it allows for creative expression, that is not possible with tape and wires. We love that this kit allows you to create your own functional item for the home.

Learn more about the Lamp Kit and back Bare Conductive on Kickstarter.

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