Tuesday, 12 September 2017

ArcBotics Hubert the Humanoid Robot

ArcBotics have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fun a new robot: Hubert the Humanoid. He's a humanoid robot packed with technology.

Hubert is a serious tool for learning. ArcBotics say that Hubert offers 'Research grade humanoid robotics for 1/10th the price.'

Hubert is controlled with an Arduino microcontroller combined with an included Raspberry Pi 3. 

The robot has lots of servos for movement including gripper hands, cameras for vision, an HDMI LCD touchscreen, sensors, a microphone and speakers, and Bluetooth for communication. Hubert is powered with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which is very convenient.

Our favourite touch is Hubert's independent emotive ears!

There are lots of ways to program and connect to Hubert including support for the popular ROS toolkit which is widely used by the robotics research community.

High quality robotics kit costs a lot of money. Hubert isn't cheap, but you get a lot for your money especially if you can grab one of the early bird deals. As well as being packed with tech, Hubert will have college level robotics lessons available online. The content is a big deal. We're increasingly realising that it's the educational content that makes a difference to whether STEM products really get used rather than sitting on a shelf. That's really important at this price point.

We've previously reviewed Sparki the robot from ArcBotics which is an excellent quality robot with lots of great educational content, so we're very pleased to see Hubert which takes robotics on to an advanced college level.

One thing we will note is that this is yet another robot with a masculine name which uses blue as the detail colour in all the images. This is a shame as the LED screen didn't need to be blue and a gender-neutral name could have been chosen. At least the robot itself it white and lends itself to personalisation. ArcBotic's Sparki was one of the few products to make it onto our programmable robots for girls list (we let the blue circuit board pass.)

Checkout the ArcBotics Hubert the Humanoid campaign on Kickstarter.

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