Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Augmentify It AR Space Cards Review

The Augmentify It Space Cards are physical cards with images on one side and facts on the other. You scan them with the free app to see an AR image. And there's a simple quiz in the app based on the facts on the cards.

I reviewed the cards with my science-mad 9-year-old.

Disclosure: We were sent a set of Augmentify It space quiz cards to review. As always our opinions are our own (and our children's)

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about these cards. The AR is cool, but the app is quite simple and the cards are quite plain. The AR is fab but it disappears as soon as you go into the quiz. But it was my son's reaction that I was really interested in.

The Augmentify It app is available for iOS devices. The app isn't yet available on Android so he had to try it out on my old iPad 3 (his newer iPad 4 is in a heavy case which made it a bit unwieldy for this purpose.) It was still a bit heavy, but he managed.

He loved the AR feature and spent ages with it. First he wanted to know how it worked and experimented with covering up parts of the card to see work out what the app was registering.

Note that the AR feature requires Wifi which is a shame as this would be a fun activity for car journeys (the quiz doesn't need Wifi.)

He laid the cards out on the floor and researched the order of the planets and looked up which planets moons belonged to and went on a tour of the galaxy.

He regularly called me over,  "Mum, come and see Mercury", "Wow, you should see the asteroid's detail.", "Look, some of the planets rotate different ways." He soon pulled his big brother in for a tour. The AR works really well with multiple people being able to view the effects at the same time.

If you have sound on, classical music plays as you explore which adds to the atmosphere.

He was really impressed with the way the AR looked but didn't like that there was often a big disparity between the image on a card and the AR rendering of a planet.

After quite a while he started exploring the quiz feature and answered a few questions, but didn't want to stop viewing the AR features.

The quiz is simple and the answers are on the cards. There aren't any particular rules for playing the game so kids can play it on their own or collaboratively with a friend. Or you could add your own rules for competitive play.


The Augmentify It AR Space Cards is a fun stocking stuffer or birthday gift. They make use of kids interest in tech but encourage real-world interaction too. 

All kids should learn about space and this adds a bit of a wow factor to draw kids in. We can image the cards being a hit at a family gathering and when friends come round to play. 

Augmentify IT AR Space Cards is currently available from Amazon UK.

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