Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Top Amazon Prime Day Deals in Kid and Family Tech and STEM Toys

We're keeping track of the best kid and family tech and STEM toys for Amazon Prime Day over on our deals page, but I thought it was worth highlighting some of the best deals we've found so far.

Note that these deals are only valid for Amazon Prime Day 11th July 2017. You must be an Amazon Prime member but you can join up and get the deals.

Geeky note: We're rather pleased that it's Prime day on the 11th day of the 7th month of 2017. 11, 7 and 2017 are all prime numbers. Awesome.

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Amazon Alexa

Regular readers will know that we're big fans of Amazon's Alexa Echo and Dot voice assistants.

  1. There's 50% off the Echo for Prime Day. The Echo has a built it high-quality speaker so it's great for use in a family space.
  2. The smaller Dot also has a good discount. 

You can read our Alexa for Families review to find out more.

Fire Tablets

There are big discounts on the whole range of Amazon Fire tablets which are good value to start with. Note that these are the new 2017 models.

We think these are the top deals today:

  1. Save 40% on your choice of a Fire Kids Edition tablets after spending $50 on LEGO. This gets you an even bigger discount on the Fire Kids Edition Tablets (which bundle a case, support and content along with a Fire tablet)
  2. The Fire 8" tablet at $49.99 but if you buy 3 you get another $30 off taking the unit price down to $39.99. Note that this is the larger 8" model and has 16GB of storage. That's a lot of tablet for the money! There's even a convenient variety pack of 3 Fire 8" tablets in different colors. It's a cheap device for older kids to read, play games and do whatever it is they spend all that time online doing. It also works well for parents and grandparents for casual gaming, reading, shopping and catching up with the news. 

Programmable Robots

There are some great deals on programmable robots. 
  1. The Anki Cozmo robot recently announced support for programming with a drag and drop language for kids. This feature plus a discounted price makes it a very interesting option. 
  2. We're big fans of Wonder Workshop's Dash and Dot robots for getting younger kids started with robotics. There's a discount on Dot
  3. Sphero are pioneers in the programmable robots for kids space. Their Darkside Ollie is included in a deal (but currently showing delayed shipping). Check out our Sphero vs Ollie comparison. 
  4. Coder MiP is a fab balancing robot that's lots of fun to play with and has an accompanying app that can be used for programming the robot. See our review
  5. Fisher Price Code-a-pillar is a first coding toy for toddlers and preschoolers. See our review.

Coding Toys and Tech

  1. The Raspberry Pi-based Kano Kit computer is on deal of the day. It's a great way to get kids started with coding. 
  2. The Osmo Genius Kit is on a Prime Day deal. We think Osmo is great. This is a starter kit with lots to get you going. You can add on the Coder and Coding Jam kits to teach coding. 
  3. The LightUp Tesla Electronics Kit is on a deal. Snap together electronics blocks and then the microcontroller via Bluetooth. Age 8+.

Check out our deals page for more info on robots with lightning deals running throughout the day.

Kid Tech

  1. Some Boogie Boards are on offer for $17.99. They're great for jotting notes down, drawing in the car, playing paper games like hangman and tic-tac-toe and to avoid endless scraps of paper when kids are learning their letters. 
  2. The Bop It! Maker game lets kids create their own version of Bop It! 
  3. Blue Yeti USB microphone for budding YouTubers!
  4. There are some great deals on Chromebooks including an Acer 11.6" Touchscreen Convertible

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