Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Competitive Game Mode for Beasts of Balance

We're super excited to see Beasts of Balance back on Kickstarter with a new game mode (Battles), more beasts, and game battle cards. As early backers of the original game, we've had lots of fun playing the core game already. Read our review here).

Beasts of Balance is a stacking game for tech age families, bringing together physical and digital play. It's definitely worth a spot in the family board game collection.

The new competitive game mode called Beasts of Balance Battles uses the core game kit with some additional game pieces. Created for 2 - 3 players, each player takes control of a region in the world and battle to fill it with the most powerful beasts. One my kids favourite part of the game is creating new beasts and adding them to the bestiary.

There are 16 NFC-enabled game battle cards, which you scan into the game using the plinth and transform the gameplay every time.

From what we can see, Battles is adding a lot of additional gameplay to the core game. If you have Beast of Balance, it's definitely worth expanding the game with the new expansion pack. You can also pick up the original game plus the expansion pack at a special rate with this Kickstarter campaign.

Sensible Object (makers of Beast off Balance) also launched 3 new beasts - the flamingo (we love this one!), a chameleon, and an angler fish.  And last but not least a new legendary - the grumpy dragon. Legendary beasts add features to the game, as long as you can keep them happy!

That's a lot of new stuff from Beast of Balance, so head over to their Kickstarter campaign to find out more.

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