Monday, 5 June 2017

Technology Will Save Us Brings Dough Universe to Kickstarter

Tech Will Save Us is a UK based company who make awesome tech products for kids. We love everything about them and their products and have written reviews of their Mover Kit (successful Kickstarter campaign last year), Electro Dough, DIY Synth Kit and DIY Gamer Kit.

Now the company is back on Kickstarter with a fab interactive STEAM product for young kids - Dough Universe.

Like us here at Tech Age Kids, Tech Will Save Us believe our kids should be makers of technology and not just consumers. The make-it-yourself kits use conductive dough and basic circuits to help kids learn the fundamentals of electricity. Kids can play with light, movement and sound. Sounds like a perfect toy for curious kids!

The Dough Universe is made up of 3 kits which can be purchased together or as individual kits. Sounds are explored with the Squishy Sounds Kit; dough creatures can blink and flash with the Bright Creatures Kit; kids can learn the basics of how mechanics work with the Electro Machines Kit.

An early bird price will be available for the Kickstarter which states it should be ready for Christmas 2017.

To find out more and to back the project, check out Dough Universe on Kickstarter.

Conductive dough and circuits is a great way to teach young kids about electrical circuits:

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