Thursday, 1 June 2017

Strawbees Upcycled Hovercraft Project

Strawbees is back on Kickstarter with their 3rd project - a Hovercraft you can design, build and race. The kit includes their icon Strawbees connectors, all the mechanical and injection moulding parts - you'll need to raid the bin to complete the model!

I love the idea of upcycling junk to make a new toy and re-using broken parts. That was exactly how the idea of the Hovercraft was born.

Strawbees is a Swedish edtech company focussed on inspiring more kids and families to explore engineering, making and designing, like their previously successful campaign - The Quirkbot.

”We can only imagine the complex problems of the future, but with this product, we want to inspire the next generation of creative engineers,” says Erik Bergelin, CEO of Strawbees.

The Hovercraft project would make a fantastic family activity, or project for schools, clubs or makerspaces. The rewards in the Kickstarter range from a single unit to a Race Kit for 4 or STEAM Classroom kit.

Find out more and back the Strawbees Hovercraft Project on Kickstarter.

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