Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sony KOOV Coding and Robotics Kit

We've been following the development of the Sony KOOV coding and robotics kit for kids. Now they've launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make the product available in the US.

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KOOV uses brightly coloured construction blocks, a KOOV controller, sensors and actuators, a block based app and educational content. The kit is aimed at children from age 8 up.

The KOOV components include an accelerometer (movement sensor), infrared sensor, light sensor, push button switch, buzzer, LEDs, DC motors and servos. Lots of stuff to create models with movement and interactivity.  There's a starter kit and an advanced kit with even more components.

The coding app uses familiar drag and drop block coding and also included tutorial material and 3D building instructions.

The app will be available for iPad, Windows and Mac. KOOV is powered from 3 AA batteries an connects using Bluetooth on iPad and Mac and USB cable on Windows.

We love the way the brightly coloured KOOV blocks and the brightly coloured code blocks in the app suggest the same concept - building up complex things from simple parts.

One of the exciting things about KOOV is that there will be over 30 hours of educational content so kids will have plenty to do with the kit. There will be 23 different robots to build in the advanced kit (14 in the starter) and they are looking like they will really appeal to kids.

It's great to see big tech companies such as Sony thinking about the next generation.

Update: Sony have launched the KOOV Basic kit as part of the their campaign. The cheapest way to get started with KOOV is the Basic kit which is $159 + shipping (a 20% discount on the retail kit.)

Check out the KOOV campaign on Indiegogo.

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