Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Make 3D Models with Kible Snapping Blocks and App

Kible is a building block that allows you to build in vertical and horizontal directions with an omnidirectional snapping system. The cube measures 8mm on all sides and there's also 25 other shapes to build into your creations. It also has an impressive colour palette with 4 different hues for 8 different colours!
The premise behind Kible is that you can create your own model using an app first and then order your physical building bricks to build the model in real life. The app would allow users to share their designs, which means you could buy the bricks to build someone else's creation.

The Kible app also keeps a clever inventory of the bricks you've ordered and so when you design something else will take into consideration the bricks you already own when you order new bricks.

It's a clever way to get kids to design and think in a virtual 3D space. But now instead of 3D printing your model, you order the bricks and build it.

We love this idea and really hope it will come to life. To find out more and support Kible, check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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