Monday, 26 June 2017

Anki Cozmo Code Lab - Now Programmable by Kids

Cozmo is a cool interactive robotic toy from Anki, now there's Cozmo Code Lab that means kids can program Cozmo. Yay! I mean we love robotic toys that can do cool stuff (which Cozmo can) but we like toys that kids can program themselves even more.

Cozmo is a cute robot packed with personality and inspired by the kind of robots that we see in the movies. So far the focus has been on providing a cool tech companion for kids packed with the latest tech.

Experienced coders have been able to program Cozmo using an SDK, but that approach isn't easily accessible for children and beginners.

Today, Anki announced Cozmo Code Lab, a drag and drop coding environment based on Scratch Blocks (a collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google to provide a common base for the next generation of block based coding environments.) We're going to be seeing a lot more kids coding apps based on this platform so it will become familiar to kids.

Code Lab is being added to the Cozmo app. As well as the basic such as movement, young coders will have access to artificial intelligence features such as facial recognition and object recognition which is pretty cool.

Cozmo is already available in the US and is coming to the UK on September 15th (UK pre-order).

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