Friday, 5 May 2017

Qmod: Energy Toys for Future Innovators

Qmod is a new product seeking crowdfunding to teach kids about energy, especially alternate sources of energy. 

The Qmod Energy Block allows kids to power electronic components using a variety of power sources such as fruit (yeah we love lemon batteries!) and dynamos. 

The Qmod Energy Block operates at 5V and can be used to light up LEDs, buzzers and more. It can work like a battery to power gadgets from energy that you capture from a variety of sources. 

There's also an accompanying card game that teaches kids about electrochemistry, circuit design and coding.

The Qmod Energy Kit includes a Qmod Energy block with LEDs, alligator leads and electrodes. You also get a paper house kit to light up and the card game. 

We love the Qmod idea. We love making projects with electronics but we're always concerned about the environmental impact of using batteries. Qmod can help with this problem now, and maybe kids who use it will be inspired to develop better energy solutions for the future. 

Check out the Qmod Kickstarter campaign.

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